On Wings of Butterflies

This site is called “on Wings of Butterflies” because butterflies are signs of not only freedom, but transformation.  And butterflies soar high, just like eagles.  They may not go quite as high as an eagle, but they are more beautiful and as much of a sign of freedom.  To soar on wings of butterflies, means that you are flying on wings of transformation that is beautiful and delicate, yet strong.
Butterflies are important to me because my name in Chinese characters means smart or beautiful butterfly.  And I have gone through major changes in my life, making me more beautiful, especially on the inside, which reflects on the outside.  I have been through a major transformation, too.  Freedom is also important to me.  So, marriage has been interesting, not wanting to be tied down, but wanting the companionship. I need an anchor, but don’t like to be weighted down.  lol
This site is meant to be uplifting and inspirational.  It will have my thoughts, musings and various and sundry other things, maybe even poems and drawings.  I am learning to draw.  I haven’t written poetry in a while, but I may start back.  Who knows? lol  Enjoy!!


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