Work from home job possibility

A company called National Telecommuting Institute (NTI) called me Wednesday and left a voicemail. I listened to it on Thursday, when I found it. I called Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program and found out that NTI is a contractor with them. So, I knew they were legit. I am going through the process of getting hired by one of the companies NTI contracts with. So far, I have filled out my Individual Work Plan (IWP) and took the Preliminary Skills Assessments. I passed them all. I am now waiting to hear from NTI about my IWP. There were a few areas that needed to be discussed before it could be sent in to Ticket to Work. After that, I will need to take a class, or set of classes, that lasts three days. I will need to buy a headset for that. I’m sure I can get one for about $25.00, more or less. That is what I was told, anyway.

I had to check this place out because I have gotten burned by work from home job claims, when they were scams. I had to make sure this was not a scam. If it were a scam, Social Security and their Ticket to Work Program would not contract with them. And it doesn’t cost me a cent, even though NTI is basically an employment agency. A very helpful one, but an employment agency, nonetheless. They also work with Vocational Rehabilitation. Government agencies don’t work with scammers.


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