About Me

My name is Amy McDaniel and I live in Temple. Texas.  I am married, have 3 stepdaughters and 1 deceased stepson.  I have 6 wonderful step grandchildren, as well and 2 stepsons-in-law.  I have lots of different interests and things I love to do and want to learn.  Some of those things may show up on here.

I originally called this blog “Butterfly Inspiration Site”, but it just didn’t ring true for me.  So, I settled on the domain of “onwingsofbutterflies.com”  I like the name, ” On Wings of Butterflies” because if you soar on wings of butterflies, you can go almost as high as the eagles.  And butterflies, although delicate and beautiful, are strong, as well.  They have to be strong to migrate as far as they do. And they developed that strength by being in that cocoon and bursting out of it.  I almost called this “Cocoon Busters”.  I thought that sounded powerful and empowering.  A friend of mine helped me to see that wouldn’t be the best name, though it was interesting.

Butterflies also are a symbol of transformation.  They start out a lowly caterpillar that may get stepped on, to a beautiful butterfly, in the end.  But it has to go through the cocoon stage where it is trapped and goes through all kinds of changes, while in captivity.  It is this binding and changing that makes the butterfly both strong and beautiful.